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Advance your science with 3D culture models and machine learning-based High-content phenotypic analysis. Reprotox is specializing in developing novel in vitro alternative models to assess the efficacy/safety of drugs and chemicals. This advanced platform includes 3D mini-testis from rodents, canines, and humans, along with advanced computational modeling (Machine Learning), and single-cell phenotypic analysis. We produce 3D models from neonate, juvenile and adolescent, representing differential stages of spermatogenesis. It can explore interspecies differences in reproductive toxicity and help identify species-specific toxicity, providing valuable insights into developing safe and effective drugs and chemicals.
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Advanced Biotecnology

Reprotox supports the discovery efforts of its partners by providing tools, solutions, and services for the in vitro reproductive toxicological studies.

Our team has been working hard to develop novel in vitro models that could potentially transform the future of preclinical research, and reduce and eventually replace traditional animal models that promise a paradigm shift from conventional toxicity testing, thereby contributing to the goal of “3Rs”.


+1 (505)-4337120

NIH Funding

Reprotox awarded NIH SBIR Phase I NIEHS R43ES031890

NIH Funding

Reprotox awarded NIH SBIR Phase II NIEHS R44ES027374

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